The Modular Patient Management System that scales from small practices up to hospitals.

logoDeveloped by carefully listening to nurses, administators, doctors and data analysts in the healthcare sector, Dazult have developed a customisable data collection, management and analysis platform based around the patient, and how they interact with healthcare providers. Our healthcare platform is modular, allowing hospitals, healthcare groups and individual practitioners to create a solution that meets their needs

Patient Records

Our Patient Record module includes support for medical history, contact details, and links to correspondence, with scanned or digitally sent.

Audit System

With the auditing module enabled, every data entry, modification or deletion is fully logged and timestamped, allowing for a complete audit of the database.


DaNutri is a module which allows nutritionists to create dietary plans for patients that will meet their specific nutritional needs. Diet plans based on actual meals consumed, allows for a balanced and achieveable approach, as well as the option of idealised meals. Nutritionists can increase their efficiency by searching through nearly a billion possible meal combinations to find the ones that closest match their patients' needs, reducing the time needed to spend deriving a diet plan and enabling them to meet more patients.

Other Modules

Included amongst the most commonly user optional modulars are:

  • Appointment Management System
  • Admission Management System
  • Medical Prescription Record
  • Laboratory Results Record
  • ICD10 Diagnosis Database
  • HL7 Data Record Transmission

In addition, custom modules have been built to meet the specific requirements of individuals organsiations, including support for clinical trials, clinical assessment reports, and custom letters to send to a patient's general practitioner.

All modules are available on either Dazult's or in-house hosted servers.

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